About the CEO, Jason Moore

Jason Moore, CEO and Founder of  Bikemoore.com has been trained and completed two certification programs, taught through International Mountain Bikers Association, IMBA. The program is called Instructor Certification Program, ICP. In 2016, Jason completed the Level One certification in May, then in the fall of 2016, he completed the Level Two certification. As an instructor, he has learned many ways to teach, demonstrate and improve any riders technique. Jason created Bikemoore to share his knowledge and experience with riders of all skill levels. Jason loves to mountain bike and he created Bikemoore  to encourage people to ride their bikes with skill, confidence. Jason has been Mt. Biking since 1995 and has raced at the Sea Otter Classic, Monterey, CA and The Billy Goat, Marin, CA.  He did a lot of BMX riding at age 8-15 yrs. old and built two BMX bikes out of scrap parts from a local dump when he was 10 years old.

Other outdoor skills include: Mt. Bike Instructor for the santa Barbara Middle School, Mt. Bike Instructor for the Crane County Day School, Co-Director of Orca Adventures Beach Camp, avid Telemark skier, rock climber, ice climber, and mountaineer,  Ski Instructor and Assistant Ski Coach for Junior Race Team, Windham NY. Kayak guide for Paddle Sports, Santa Barbara, CA