Children’s Programs

After School Programs

Bikemoore works various schools and organizations in Santa Barbara, CA. We offer programs tailored to the age group and ability level of the riders. For example, a group of 8 year-olds and younger would practice obstacle courses, balance exercises, slow race, some trail riding and other ways to enjoy riding their bike. For riders 9 years-old and up, depending on their ability, we can do trail rides and specific skill-building exercises, like proper braking technique, shifting gears and good body position going up-and downhill.

The start time for Group Rides are 2:30-4:30pm, (January-March) (April-November  3pm-5pm)

The Group Rides depart on time, so please be early! If the rider is not checked in before the group departs, they must remain with the parent/legal guardian.  Bikemoore is not responsible for any child dropped off that is not properly checked in with staff.  No exceptions.

Drop off and Pick up

At the beginning of every ride, all riders will be checked in with  Bikemoore Staff, and at the end of the ride, a parent(s) or legal guardian will initial that list at pick up time.  Bikemoore is not responsible for any child dropped off  that is not properly checked in with staff.  No exceptions.


All riders must arrange their own transportation and meet at the trail head (or specified meeting location) on time. Ride shares are encouraged, and any arrangements must be communicated to Jason one day before we meet for a ride.

Each rider provides their own bike and helmet, water, energy bars, snacks, a spare tube and small tool kit.


$45 per hour, per rider

This is prepaid  via Pay Pal and “No shows” will not be refunded.

Rider Requirements

Each rider must have; a functional bike, a bike helmet, a spare inner tube, water bottle and/or backpack with drinking bladder, and some extra snacks and/or energy bars. A small tool kit is recommended, but not required. Bikemoore staff will have tools at all times.


A 24 hour in advance notice is required from each participant if they can not make it to a planned ride.  Remember, the number of group riders determines the number of staff Bikemoore will have on site for any group ride.