Teenage Mountain Bikers Unite!

Bikemoore is looking for high school students to go out and do group rides! Are you a teenager that may not want to participate in team sports, or maybe you do not feel team sports are interesting? Maybe competition is not your thing? Well, come join us for a fun and non-competitive mountain bike ride! Mountain biking is a fun sport and it is an activity that each rider can grow and improve on, at their own pace. Bikemoore will take you out for a mountain bike ride and all rides include some skill building exercises as well. Doing group rides are fun and all participants can learn in a supportive environment. Exploring beautiful Santa Barbara on mountain bikes is great exercise and Mother Nature is a wonderful healer.

Please join Bikemoore for a group ride! Tell your friends about it! We need at least four riders to get a group ride going!

I look forward to riding with you!

Jason Moore, CEO of Bikemoore