Here is some feedback from riders that participated with Bikemoore.

“Jason is a brilliant coach.  He has the foundational skills, patience, and knowledge to help build new skills and develop others.  He has been instrumental in improving my ability to tackle the Santa Barbara front country — challenging riding to say the least.  I would highly recommend him as a coach/and or guide.” Ty Brandt

“Jason is observant, thoughtful, positive and encouraging.  He provides great insight, and knows how to responsibly push your limits.”  Alli Armstrong

“I like bike riding with Jason because he teaches me so much stuff.” Gabriel, age 8

Jason has a passion for teaching people to ride safely, to enjoy their ride and to be more confident in their abilities.  He is really patient with large groups, and teaches to all ability levels.  Our students have gained more confidence in their riding, have become safer on our expeditions and many have continued to ride on their own.  I would recommend Jason for any group of students or adults who want to gain more confidence in their riding ability and really enjoy their rides!
Jesse K. Santa Barbara Middle School
“It is fun and I learned a lot. Sometimes when you are learning its not always that fun. Jason always makes it fun. I’ve become a much better biker.” Simon, age 11

I can’t recommend Jason Moore enough! I could tell my son, Oliver, felt instantly comfortable with him. Jason took him from street rider to mountain biker in a very short time. He taught Oliver the skills he needed to navigate different terrains and with that, the confidence to try all different kinds of trails in Santa Barbara and elsewhere.
Erin (mother)

Jason is a cool guy who understood my comfort level in trying new things and taught me the essential form to ride on difficult trails and terrains.
Oliver, 17 yrs.

I am so happy to be riding with Jason Moore. Jason has helped me progress and learn tons of mountain bike techniques. Jason is extremely patient and respectful with me, and while teaching, he doesn’t push me past my limits of riding. I strongly recommend Jason Moore. Dan M, 12 years old

My son has been working with Jason for about 3 months.  He has been taking both individual and group mountain biking lessons on trails around Santa Barbara. First and foremost, my son has enjoyed each and every riding lesson. Jason is a skilled rider and teacher that artfully meets each student at the riding level they are at creating a challenging and rewarding experience for them each time out. Not only is my son becoming a more skilled rider, but he is also learning important lessons around the value of preparation, how to take upsets like broken bikes and wipe outs in stride, and how to be enthusiastic and passionate about a sport while maintaining a respect for the dangers present and remaining safety conscious,

All along, Jason has been accessible and responsive to set up lessons or answer questions, and Jason has truly been a pleasure to work with. Greg M.

My son has been taking private mountain bike lessons with Jason for several months. He has learned to be safe on the trails, learned proper technique for navigating rocks and hazards and has developed a love of riding on the trails. Jason is a positive role model and a great teacher- fun, considerate and respectful of the kids, and punctual and reliable.  Thanks Jason. We love riding with you. Tiffany (mother)